Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some picture of the family!!

Well, after the short wedding service by Pastor Ed Ludt on Marrage as as Mission, we as the new Husband and Wife went out side to have family picture done. There was a nice breeze which made it possible to stand out in the HOT sun. Here are some of the family pictures and pictures of our grandparents.
Me with my parents before the wedding.
In the front yard.
I like this shot of my parents.

What a very cool idea the photographer has!!

......... and again!

Don't they make a great couple? I love you both!!

David's grandparents from Toronto!

Sonya's Opa & Oma Everts

Sonya's Grandpa & Grandma Van Eck

David's Grandparents from Winnipeg! What a long trip they had to make.

We were blessed to have all of the grandparents at our wedding. That is just an amazing thing. Thanks be to God!!

My side of the family, with all of my nephews and niece. Also, how could I forget my favorite sister-in-laws. You guys are the best!!!

The immediate family for the Everts!!

Us with my siblings!!

Us with my parents! It looks like we are getting sick of smiling.

Both set's of parents.

Us with David's parents.

David's immediate side of the family!

We had to have a picture with Janessa's boyfrind, but I think we might have lost Michael in the process.

David's immediate side of the family!

Us with the siblings!

David with his parents!

That is all the I have time for at this time, but I hope to put some pictures up of the wedding party next. Please do keep looking.

(Also, if there is people that are looking, please write something so that I will know if I should keep posting).

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