Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wedding pictures of us!!

Well, I know that this is taking me a long time to put up wedding pictures but they are almost done. I hope that you enjoy these ones. The wedding party will be next.
I thought that this would be a nice place to take a picture as we were walking back to the car.
.......... what can I say?!
This is one that I like of us!!
It looks like the train is coming towards you!!
..... this is the one that David likes!!
My sister-in-law, Rachel told me to take on here. Thank you!!
If you look closely, you will see the wedding party in the background!
..... What, if you don't like it, turn the other way!
I like this one also!
...... and again, you will see the wedding party in the background!!
We both like this one!
......................... and this one!!
This one was fun, as you can see that David is still trying to get the hang of this one.
( I tried teaching him this one while we were dating. It never worked)
We both like this one!
It is so hard to pick just one, because we like all of them!!
....... PG 21 (Just kidding)
..... us again!
People ask me why I would climb on a train in my wedding dress, and my response, I am only planning on getting married once! Why not?!
I LOVE this once and so does David!!!
This is the last one of us for now!!
Well, more will be coming in the next couple of days. Have a great weekend.


Bea said...

The pictures are beautiful, Sonya!

Christ Has Come to Bring Salvation....... said...

Thanks Bea!! That day was just amazing! There is so much to remember. I also love the pictures.

Pearl said...

Keep up the good work.