Friday, February 29, 2008

It's been a LONG time!

Hey there all you faithful people that are still reading our blog. I am sorry that it has been a long time since the last post. My computer at home has been down for some time. What is new you may be asking? Well, there is a couple of things.
First, it is with thankfulness to God, that we announce that we are EXPECTING our first child at the end of Sept. This is both an exciting and fearful time. Please pray that we may receive, if it is His will, a healthy baby. I would also like to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my brother and sister-in-law, Shane and Anita, with the expecting arrive of there second child at the beginning of Aug. We are thankful that all is well so far and we pray that they may receive, if it is His will, a healthy baby. Also CONGRATULATIONS on getting your first house. They are hoping to move in at the end of March or beginning on April.
Second, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin, Amanda & Jay, to my sister-in-law, Janessa & Jamie, and to Tim and Charlene on their up coming WEDDINGS this summer and fall. Amanda & Jay and Janessa & Jamie are hoping to get married on Aug. 8/08, DV. Tim & Charlene are hoping to get married on Oct. 3/08, DV. We pray that the planning may go well and they may enjoy this time in their lives.
Well, other than that, there is not much new. My sister won 1st place in a basketball tournament, which she is vary happy about (I am also happy for her). Well, have a great rest of the week and I will post soon.

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Anonymous said...

hey sonya,
this is christine... i tried emailing you, i think i have the wrong email address (it got bounced back). adam and i got engaged tonight!! we're heading to chatham this weekend but we'll be in church sunday evening... i'll see you then!