Saturday, August 23, 2008

The last little while!!!!

Well, I must say that is has be while since I had last posted, so I thought that I would give you all a little bit of an update. I hope I don't put some of you to sleep. I will not coment on all of the picture's but some of them. First, we became an aunt again on July. 27/08.

Travis Isaiah Everts
Born: July 27/08
Weight: 8 ld
Only 1 1/2 hours of labour

Here is one picture of me at 5 1/2 month's pregnant!!!!!

I was hoping to put up more pictures but my computer will not let me at this time. I will post some more in the next little while. Just so, if some of you don't know, I only have 5 days left of work, so then I will post some more in the next couple of week. We are also going on holidays, at the beginning of Sept. so when we get back I will have some time before the baby is born. Have a great weekend!!!!

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